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Study English in Toronto Online Classes

The online classes can be designed for individual students or groups of students. 

Classes use combinations of zoom, whatsapp, facetime, text, voip, email and other platforms. 

All online teachers are Canadian certified and experienced teachers. 


How ESL in Canada Recommends Classes

ESL in Canada recommends both free and commercial ESL English classes for example:

the FREE Toronto ESL Cafe English conversation classes, the free LINC classes for new Canadians, the free English classes at many libraries, the free classes at accredited TESL Teaching schools, and some excellent Board of Education continuing education classes that cost 2 or 3 dollars per instructional hour.

ESL in Canada recommends a few affiliated ESL schools with colleges and universities. Some affiliated ESL programs earn the students credits towards an undergraduate degree and enable entry into the regular college or university programs.

Some affiliated programs are not recommended because even some public colleges and universities used ESL students as a money grab, dumping dozens of the same L1 into a class and allowing L1 to be spoken 90% of the time. The college made $$ and the students learned almost nothing.

ESL in Canada recommends a few English classes at excellent independent ESL schools that cost between 12 to 18 dollars per hour with their teachers and their programs and some excellent private ESL and Business English teachers that charge between 20 and 65 dollars per hour.

English Conversation Classes

We know that English Language Conversation Skills consist of language abilities, conversation skills, social skills, culture knowledge and non-verbal communication skills.

English Conversation Lessons can be on one or more of the language skills or fully integrated practice sessions.

English conversation lesson examples include consonant and vowel pronunciation, syllable stress patterns in words, intonation and timing for phrases and expressions, polite words, formal vocabulary, slang and jargon use, correct greetings, use of active sentence constructions, listening carefully, answering directly, using correct gestures to reinforce or further explain spoken words.

English Conversation Classes tend to be fully integrated practice sessions. The conversation partner can be fellow language students or native speakers or ESL teachers.

The English Conversation Classes can be free-flowing with no corrections or be interrupted for corrections or interrupted for corrections and specific lesson review and then continued.

Some English Conversation Class ESL teachers require their students to write new vocabulary words and some will record the entire conversation class so that the students can play back the entire class to repeat and review all the words and pronunciation.

English Conversation Classes can be practice sessions for casual, informal, gossip, face-to-face and everyday conversations.

English Conversation Classes can be practice sessions for conferences, formal, polite, interview, two-way, presentations, consultation, or business small talk.

English Conversation Classes can be practice sessions for chitchat, Q and A, heart-to-heart talk, confab, powwow, bull sessions, talkfest, gabfest, pillow talk and rap sessions.

English Conversation Classes can be fully integrated practice sessions for academic subjects, leisure topics, politics, religion, sports, hobbies, activities, and interests.

English Conversation Classes can be fully integrated practice sessions for sports. The class can be structured to talk about amateur sports, Olympic sports or professional sports and maybe a specific sport like hockey or football. The sports conversation classes can cover sub-topics like leagues, past winners, current standings, coaches, owners, star players, salaries, statistics, dream teams, and future predictions.

English Conversation Classes can be fully integrated practice sessions for business conversations. How to introduce yourself, your company and your products for sale. How to present to one person and small groups and larger groups. How to ask questions and how to answer questions. How to compare and contrast products and services. How to negotiate prices.

English Conversation Classes can be fully integrated practice sessions for music or movies. Some of the classes can be academic and discuss genre or style or methods. Some of the classes can be gossip such as "Brad and Angelina did this ..." or "Britney Spears was seen doing ..."

As a summary English Conversation Classes can be designed for the number, age, level and interests of the students. English Conversation Classes can be designed for the type of conversation, subjects of the conversation, topics and sub-topics of the conversation.

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