Tuesday, November 8, 2022

The Canadian National Exhibition

The world class performers and spectacular air shows are the really big draws every year in August at the Canadian National Exhibition. Everyone in Toronto knows when the Canadian International Air Show is on at the "Ex" as the loud, fast and spectacular jets dance over the Toronto sky.

Each summer I go to the CNE with students. This summer it is to see the "Super Dogs" and shop in the international pavilion. Last summer it was to see the world record holder "Human Cannon Ball" and the "Fire and Ice" show.

The "CNE or Ex" is a wonderful field trip for international students to learn English and see products, cultural exhibits, foods, performers and people from across Canada and every other country in the world. Every new item triggers questions and learning opportunities as students expand their vocabulary and language fluency.

Every year the CNE features a nice combination of regular performers along with new acts, performers and shows. It is comfortable to see familiar performers do new tricks to excite and wow the crowds.

One of the new shows "Wonders of Dance and Music" presents a fusion of Brazilian Carnival Samba, Flamenco, Tango, Arabic and Gypsy dance masterpieces integrated into one high-energy musical expression.

Another new show is "The Movie Song Show" where singers and dancers perform hit songs and scenes from famous movies like Flashdance, Top Gun, Back to the Future, The Bodyguard, Men in Black, Moulin Rouge, Chicago, and Titanic.

The Toronto Urban Music Festival is a presentation of Urban Music with new performers and regular performers with news songs and new routines. The show presents a wide variety of contemporary urban music including Hip Hop and Rap.

There are many smaller venue stages all over the Exhibition grounds to see performers. Toronto Star Bandshell, Global Food Building Stage, The Green Thumb Garden Theatre, Rogers International Stage, Kids? World Feature Stage, Labatt Blue Midway Stage, Remember When Pavilion, Renovation Stage, Rock Valley Cafe, A Taste of the World Gourmet Theatre and TTC Stage. The TTC Stage hosts the TTC Busker Auditions to hundreds of hopefuls that come to the CNE and audition for their chance to entertain you on the TTC.

International students recognize foods, clothes, gift items, collectable's from their countries and have the opportunity to explain in English what they are, their cultural or historical significance to other international students that have never seen them before. In many ways it is like traveling to the most exotic global markets without having to pay airfare.

The best prices for shopping can occur at the CNE as many outlet shops, importers and clearance jobbers sell products at huge discounts. Students like to buy dictionaries for one dollar, or learn English CD sets for 3 dollars instead of the regular list price of thirty dollars. I like to buy books, software, music cd's, vhs tapes, dvd's and other resource materials for my classes at a 75 to 90 percent discount and so do the students.

The CNE exhibits are everywhere and have something for everyone. Some students stay in the FOOD Building and try foods from around the world. Some students love the gardens, gardening, and landscaping. Some students love the agricultural exhibits with all the food products, farm animals, farm equipment and the horse shows. Other students play at the sports pavilion to test their abilities with new sports challenges. Some like to see arts and crafts and art displays others like to participate in the "how to" demonstrations and create their own art piece. Some students just like to play the latest sega video games or sony games "be" pc gamers or x box pros and play on the newest equipment or game platform.

The final day of the CNE is Labour Day. 

See you then!!

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Thursday, November 3, 2022

Our Mini-Twitter Directory of Toronto Twitterers to Follow:

Our Mini-Twitter Directory of Toronto Twitterers to Follow:

An easy way to learn about Canada and Canadians is through the latest social media darling "Twitter". Toronto Canada has lots of Twitter Representation - some of the Twitter addresses  that we follow from Toronto Canada are:

City of Toronto  https://twitter.com/cityoftoronto

Toronto Film Fest   https://twitter.com/TOfilmfest

Toronto Jazz Fest  https://twitter.com/TorontoJazzFest

Toronto Public Library  https://twitter.com/torontolibrary

Toronto Symphony  https://twitter.com/TorontoSymphony

Toronto Maple Leafs  https://twitter.com/MapleLeafs

Tornto Marlies  https://twitter.com/TorontoMarlies

Toronto Argos  https://twitter.com/TorontoArgos

Toronto Star Sports  https://twitter.com/StarSports

Toronto Volunteer   https://twitter.com/VolunteerTO

CBC Toronto  https://twitter.com/CBCToronto

CTV Toronto  https://twitter.com/CTVtoronto 

Toronto 680 News  https://twitter.com/680News

Once you are logged into Twitter - copy the address - click follow - you will get the updates - it's very easy!

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Tuesday, May 10, 2022

English Language Conversation Skills

There are several dictionary definitions for "Conversation".

Conversation: noun, an informal spoken exchange of news and ideas between two or more people.

Conversation: an informal talk with somebody, especially about opinions, ideas, feelings, or everyday matters.

Conversation: a talk between two or more people in which thoughts, feelings and ideas are expressed, questions are asked and answered, or news and information are exchanged.

There are several dictionary Synonyms for "Conversation": conference, discourse, discussion, dialogue, chat, speech, oral speech or spoken communication, spoken language, talk, voice communication,

There are several adjectives that help identify or describe conversations: casual, polite, informal, formal, two-way, face-to-face and everyday.

There are several nouns that identify a specific type of conversation: conference, interview, gossip, exchange of confidences, consultation, or small talk.

There are several English slang terms that identify conversation or type of conversation: chitchat, Q and A, heart-to-heart talk, confab, powwow, bull session, talkfest, gabfest, pillow talk and rap session.

There are several dictionary definitions for "Skills".

Skill is an ability to do an activity or job well, especially because you have practised it.

Skills are the result of special training to do a function or activity.

Proficiency, facility, or dexterity that is acquired or developed through training or experience.

A developed talent or ability

An art, trade, or technique requiring use of the hands and or tools.

We have to create some definitions for "Conversation Skills".

Conversation skills can be explained as language abilities needed to interact in social situations. Language abilities include speaking with appropriate vocabulary, pronunciation, tone, intonation, rhythm, pauses, politeness and timing.

We have to create some definitions for "English Language Conversation Skills".

English Language Conversation Skills includes language abilities, conversation skills, social skills, culture knowledge and non-verbal communication skills.

Non-verbal communication skills are classified as posture, body movements, gestures, facial expressions, proximity and eye contact.

In English speaking countries the non-verbal messages can represent from 25 to 75% of the meaning.

Social skills and cultural knowledge can be generalized as "what to say, when to say it, where and why to say it, and most important how to say it".

When learning English Language Conversation Skills ESL students must learn: language abilities, conversation skills, social skills, culture knowledge and non-verbal communication skills. 

Students need all the communication skills if they actually want to converse with native English speakers. ESL Students cannot just learn English vocabulary or English pronunciation as it can represent less than 50% of many conversations.

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